Heroes in a half shell

In Cowabunga, Dude, Jane notes that “they” are releasing a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie.

My best movie-going story ever is from my …hmmm, must’ve been just after my Jr. year of college. My best friend David and I decided to go to the last showing of TMNT. This was right after school had ended for pretty much everyone, and even the larger town we went to (the one with the theater) was pretty quiet.

So, we go to the theater. It’s empty. We buy tickets and go into the actual screening room.

It was totally empty. Not a single other person. In fact, it turns out, there was no one there seeing any other movie at that point. Except we two 21 year olds watching TMNT.

We’ve got our popcorn. The entire multiplex is ours. The lights go dim…

And the pimple-faced kid comes in and yells at us to get our feet off the backs of the seats in front of us.

I don’t remember much about the movie, but the idea that we were the only movie-goers for — wow, probably at least 15 miles — and still managed to get yelled at, well, I wear it as a badge of honor.

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